My blog, my playground

Few words about this project

It's all about The Black Milk

Kick off all that rules of everyday life and creating my own in my own world. Yes! That what I was looking for such a long time and I’m so exiting to finally make it happened.

I’m a photographer in agency based in Prague. I really appreciate my job, but as you might know, client requirements can be a very restrictive and there is absolutely no space for your own creativity. And that’s how the idea of The Black Milk was born. I just need a place, where I can be creative again, place where I can be myself and where I can do things my own way. So, here we go.
Everything you find here is making me what who I am. It’s my little space full of imagination and fun. I can share all my passion and my dreams here. Starts with fashion, (of course), healthy lifestyle and eating fallows and love for animals and fast machines ending (oh yeah, I’m a biker :)) But there is much more of it. Each of this things inspires me and opening whole new world to me. Let’s go discover it.
I almost forgot. Nothing of this could be happened without my love and partner Radek. He technically brings this blog to life. And yes, he’s the one who hold the camera and he’s also the one, who is watching my back and not only when we ride on motorbikes. And there is someone very special, very hairy and sometimes very stinky but so happy every time. Our little doggie Adele. She makes us smile every single day.

So smile on the world, don’t take yourself so serious, let’s go and fun!