Natural mood

Hello everybody! Today I want to share with you my favourite stuff from our home. All things are in natural colours and materials and I have to confess I am actually totally in love with such kind of shades. My favourite one are definitely the Ikea frames. I put in it some photos of our doggie and some mood pictures I took by my iPhone. The pillows, gray fabric, wooden plate and white hangers are also by Ikea. Yes I just love Ikea 😀 White vases are made by myself. I just sprayed the wine bootles with white matte paint, what is very easy but looks great :)

I also love the white jumpsuit from H&M. I got it as a Christmas present from my boyfriend. Can’t wait to wear it, but it’s still so cold outside. I have to wait till warmer weather comes back again.

You might ask yourself why these picture were not taken at home? It is basically because we live in a rental flat and most of furniture is not ours. And what is worse, most of it does not fit our taste. So, as we cannot fight with the furniture, at least we fill our home with some really nice accessories. I took some for shooting at the studio and I created a really nice mood photos for your inspiration.

No matter on lines I wrote above, I still have big plans with our rental flat and I hope I will be able to realize these changes in next few months. I’m really looking forward on it and, of course, I will show you results of our flat transformation in here. :)

Okey, I hope you will enjoy this post and wish you to have a nice weekend :)


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