Motivation for 2015

At the beginning of the new year I feel I need some huge motivation more than ever. It’s still very ugly outside, cloudy, shady and so cold. Brrr, I hate that. I want to sleep over the whole winter and wake up some day in early spring. And it is even worse, if there’s some issue at work… It’s really stressful and making me feel down. Than it’s very hard to focus on some nice things. People around me are just, I dont know,… on a very different wavelength. That’s it. And its not easy to deal with especially when I have such people around me day by day. Some of you may know exactly what I’m talking about. It drains all of my power.

STOP! I don’t want this anymore.  What helps me to deal with it is definitely my partner and my family. Just keep nice people around me. And if it is still not enough I read some motivation thoughts from other people.  It always makes me feel much better and it remains me nothing is impossible. So, in case you have same feelings at the moment, I made these three posters with my favourite quotes.

Don’t worry about anything. Keep your head up and be brave with everything what life is about to prepare for you. Try to find something good even on bad things.

For 2015 I have many goals on my list and bad spirit doesn’t help to take them. Maybe it sounds like a cliche, but try to make your own list for this year. For me, this list is a great thing what helps me to stay positive and focused. And if you are curious about what is no my list, here are some points from it:

EAT HELTHIER – this is the key for everything – if you fell good, everything is much easier. Healthy food definitely helps in this:) (yes I do eat healthy as I can, but still cant help myself with some really unhealthy things :D)

DON’T BE LAZY – yeas it is probably my biggest issue. I try to fight with that.

POST MORE OFTEN – ohh gosh, I have so many ideas for my blog and no time to make it happend (and sometimes I am soooo lazy  – grr, I hate that)


BUY A CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN PUMPS – (but at first I have to save money on it  – haha :D)

BE HAPPY! –  Easy, but I just sometimes forget this.

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