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Hey guys! After a bit bigger break, I’m back and ready for the new adventure of this year. In the last couple of days (well, couple of weeks :)) I just switched off everything and relaxed after whole crazy and stressful year. I restarted myself, and now I’m full of the new strength and positive thoughts.
And after all the sweets and not much healthy food during the Christmas time, my body need some healthy and detox bomb.

So here’s a superhealthy detox drink. It is the best to drink it in the morning to kick off the day.

Ingredients for one 0,5l glass:
– 7 pcs big carrots
– 3 pcs pink grapefruit
– one little piece of ginger (about 1cm)

It is really easy to prepare the drink. Just gradually put all ingredients into juicer. Put all juices together in the glass and mix up well. Voilà :)

  • Stephen
    January 12, 2015

    Hi There,

    I am very interested when I see people promoting things as ‘Detox’. Specifically which toxins does this drink remove from the body, how does it do it and why does it do it? I was under the impression that the only thing that can actually remove toxins from the body is the liver and associated organs.

    The drink itself looks great, very healthy and tasty thanks for the idea, I shall definitely try it. I am not criticising I would just like a clarification on the detox side of things.



    • kristie
      January 12, 2015

      Hey Steve,
      good point and thank you for asking. I consider the “detox” term as a widely used label of a healthy stuff what helps your body to purify. For us, Christmas time is full of sweets and even some fat food, New Year’s eve is about lot of alcohol. This drink should excite your body to start with puryfing procedure.
      In a nutshell: many things people eat acidify the body and most alcohol and even coffee dehydrate body. Both things mean you feel really bad as your body is poisoned; and as you are also dehydrated, you cannot exclude those toxins. The best for exclude toxins is clear water. But fruit and vegetable juice is like a fuel for a body. It instantly deliver nutrients, vitamins and power to deacidifiy the body. And both, grapefruit and ginger support the livery function. Carrot fibre binds to excess estrogen hormone, and helps to safely pull it out of your body. Carrot fibre also prevents estrogen from being reabsorbed in the intestine, which can happen when transit time is slow. This is important because too much estrogen (whether produced by the body, the diet or from exposure to xenoestrogens in the environment) can lead to all kinds of hormonal disruptions, including PMS, mood disorders and acne. Carrot also helps to keep gut in balanced what is very important as helthy body comes from healthy gut. In fact, the more living food you eat (or drink juices) the more healthy you will be. Living organism needs living building blocks. Dead food just feed you up, or rather fills the stomach, but gives you only a bit of energy but nothing what body can live from.

    • Radoslav
      January 12, 2015

      Hi Steve, my parents were a long time ago kicking off the day with raw fruit and juices (I think more than last 15 years) and now it is about year they are just raw foodists – they eat only a raw fruit and vegetable what can be heat treated up to 40°C. And the result?

      My mum had the whole life troubles with hair loss and high blood pressure. As soon as she quit eating dead food and started to eat something what her body can build on, those troubles simply disappeared. It is not a coincidence… I have quite lot of informations, not only from lot of literature she has read but also from own experience of my parents and even my 86 years old grandma what also started to be a raw foodist. You know I was not the one who took care about but even I am turning into healthier way of living :)

  • Hailey
    January 13, 2015

    Hey! I wanted to let you know I’ve nominated you for The Liebster Award as I think your blog really deserves it :). This is a great way to discover smaller blogs! More info on what to do next is in my post here..

    Hailey xx

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