Pumpkin soup

Fall is slowly but surely coming to its end so we have more and more cold outside. It becomes right time for delicious hot soup! I have one what will heat you and deliver energy for these cold dark times. It fits to fall not only by fact it is made of a typical autumn ingredients – pumpkin, but even by its color combination. Believe me, you’ll get warm just by watching it! Moreover, this soup is super easy to prepare and tastes simply great. I personally add to it even few tablespoons of coconut milk to get a light touch of exotic, but it is not necessary. It is great even without it. Bon appetite!

a whole florfruits pumpkin (mini-muskat), cutted into smaller pieces with peel
about 3/4 liter of water
a bit of olive oil
salt and freshly ground pepper
handful of chopped coriander
seeds from pumpkin
few spoons of cream (optional)
2-3 spoons of coconut milk (optional)

Cut pumpkin into pieces and left seeds aside. Put pieces of pumpkin into water and bring it to a boil. Let it brew about 30 minutes (till the pumpkin gets soften). After letting the soup cool down a bit, use hand blender to puree it until smooth cream. Salt and pepper the soup by taste. Drizzle it by olive oil (you can add even cream and coconut milk). Decorate finished soup with freshly chopped coriander and raw pumpkin seeds. That’s it :)


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