Funny burger sweater

Fashion is a game. So let’s play :) . I did it with this outfit. I fall in love with this funny sweater with glitter burger on it. But when I was paying it in the store, people were weird staring on me. I was reading something like: ” Seriously? This sweater? Are you kidding me?” in their eyes…  Yes I am 😀 Definitely yes. Fashion is so exciting and fun for me and as you might have noticed, I don’t take myself so serious. So that’s why I combinated this sweater with such an elegant and chic leather skirt and high heels. I like the color combo as well. It is beautiful fall shades of red with neutral tones of gray and black. I hope you will like this outfit… it’s one of my favorite so far. Lets be playfull. Enjoy!

Sweater and skirt: New Yorker
Shoes and bag: F&F



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